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Who We Are

AG Gases Ltd are an independent family run British specialty gases company, with a local North Africa presence.

Our main focus is to give our customers gravimetrically produced, high precision calibration gas mixtures conforming to ISO 6142, along with a range of high purity gases and pressure control equipment, used for instrumental analysis and gas detection applications.

Ahmed Gharib Founder of AGGases

Our senior management have many years experience in the European and International markets and now offer this knowledge to benefit Egyptian and North African customers.


If you have any queries, we would love to hear from you.

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About AGGases Ltd

Our Gases

CO2 Gas Cylinders

Our gases are supplied in a wide range of ISO and EN approved container sizes from small disposable cans to large refillable high pressure cylinders.

All our gas mixtures in cylinders are supplied with certification giving international traceability, content details, shelf life, and storage information.

Our local production and stocking is aimed to give excellent service, while our agreement with UK based special gases producer Scientific and Technical Gases Ltd helps us cover the vast range of mixtures and pure gases required.

Pure Gas List

R - Numbers are under Halocarbons** Please specify name and formula.
  1. Acetylene
  2. Air
  3. Allene
  4. Ammonia
  5. Argon
  6. Boron Trichloride
  7. Butane
  8. Butene 1
  9. Butene Cis 2
  10. Butene Trans 2
  11. 1.3. Butadiene
  1. Carbon Dioxide
  2. Carbon Monoxide
  3. Carbonyl Sulphide
  4. Chlorine
  5. Cyclopropane
  6. Deuterium
  7. Dimethylamine
  8. Dimethyl Ether
  9. Ethane
  10. Ethyl Aceylene
  11. Ethyl Chloride
  1. Ethylene
  2. Helium
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Hydrogen Bromide
  5. Hydrogen Chloride
  6. Hydrogen Sulphide
  7. Iso-Butane
  8. Iso Butylene
  9. Krypton
  10. Methane
  11. Methyl Acetylene
  1. Methyl Bromide
  2. Methyl Chloride
  3. Methyl Mercaptan
  4. Mono Ethylamine
  5. Mono Methylamine
  6. Neon
  7. Nitric Oxide
  8. Nitrogen
  9. Nitrogen Dioxide
  10. Nitrous Oxide
  1. Oxygen
  2. Propane
  3. Propylene
  4. R-see Halocarbons
  5. Sulphur Hexafluoride
  6. Sulphur Dioxide
  7. Trimethylamine
  8. Vinyl Bromide
  9. Vinyl Chloride
  10. Xenon

Gas Equipment

AG Gases are proud to be a distributor of the well internationally known GENTEC gas control equipment , with brass and stainless steel single and two stage regulators , and automatic change over units normally available ex stock.

Gas handling systems can be designed , manufactured , installed and commissioned according to BSI and EN standards , whether a simple system for an analytical instrument to much larger bespoke gas handling systems.

We aim to normally provide same day quotations in writing and a fast efficient service providing high quality calibration gas mixtures and pure gases for your specific applications.

The Quality You Need

With AG Gases quality is of the upmost importance. All design and materials conform to EN, European or ISO, international standards and specifications, and all subsequent installations or supplies come certified accordingly.

AG gases is working towards ISO 9001, and the quality element of our management system is based on this international standard.

Cylinder Prep. and Mixture Production

CO2 Gas Cylinders

Our expertise includes selecting the correct cylinder material and valve type depending on your specific needs, and ensureing that an excellent mixture stability is acheived. This is done through the use of various comprehensive specialised internal cylinder treatments at the production stage.

Mixtures are made gravimetrically using a series of high precision balances which undoubtedly give the highest production accuracy available.
NPL, NIST and UKAS standards are used as required in the mixture production process. Our modern production systems allow fast manufacture and with our highly experienced chemists and technicians, we can give accurate and reliable delivery times to our customers.

Laboratory and Analysis

All products manufactured undergo full Quality Control assessment.
Our Calibration Gas manufacturer has a dedicated laboratory for high precision reception control of raw materials and analysis and stability testing of finished products.


All PRIMARY and CERTIFIED mixtures are issued with a Certificate of Compposition which shows:
  • The mixture in terms of requested composition and actual certified composition
  • Mixture pressure, gas volume, mixture accuracy, valve type, conditions of storage and use
  • A statement denoting traceability
  • Our internal reference number and the customer order number
  • A clearly stated certified shelf life


All our products are traceable to the National Physical Laboratory or UKAS calibrated weights. If analysis is required we calibrate against UKAS, NPL or NIST gas standards.