10 Litre Steel High Pressure Cylinder

General Details

Water Volume: 10 Litres
Service Pressure: 150 bar
Dimension: Height 690mm, Diamerter 160mm
Weight: 16Kg
Cylinder Material: Steel
Valve Type
  • (For Non-Reactive Gases)
  • - British (BS)
  • - Europe (DIN)
  • - U.S.A. (CGA)


NPL, UKAS or NIST standards. Manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142. ISO 17025 also available.


- Single Stage Brass Regulator
- Two Stage Brass Regulator
- Single Stage Steel Regulator
- Two Stage Steel Regulator

Mixture Tolerances

Minor components are certified to the following analytical tolerances:
- 2-20ppm = +/- 10%
- 21- 50ppm = +/- 5%
- 51-300ppm = +/- 2%
Picture of 10 litre Steel High Pressure Cylinder
NB: Cylinder heights are to the centre of outlet valve.
Add 100mm for absolute height with guard or cap.


Non-reactive gases up to 36 months
H2S, SO2 and 4 gas mixtures 24 months
NO, NH3, HCN, ETO up to 24 months
Cl2 (min 5ppm) 12 months
HCl (min 5ppm) up to 12 months
NO2 12 months


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Popular Gas Mixtures

Non-reactive gases, Ethanol, H2S, SO2 and 4 gas mixtures, NO, NH3, HCN, ETO, Cl2 (min 5ppm), HCl (min 5ppm), NO2