103 Litre Steel Non-Refillable Cylinder

General Details

Water Volume: 103 Litres
Service Pressure: 70 bar (1000psi)
Dimension: Height 356mm, Diamerter 83mm
Weight: 1.4Kg
Cylinder Material: Steel
Valve: Connection C10 Valve ( 5/8" - 18 )


NPL, UKAS or NIST standards. Manufactured gravimetrically to ISO 6142


- Cylinder valve compatible with all major manufacturers regulators
- Fixed flow regulators available at 0.5, 1.0, 2.5 and 3.0 LPM
- On-Demand Flow Regulator (ODFR for non-reactive)
- Variflow regulator (non-reactive gases)

Mixture Tolerances

Minor components are certified to the following analytical tolerances:
- 2-20ppm = +/- 10%
- 21-50ppm = +/- 5%
- 51-300ppm = +/- 2%
Picture of 112 litre Aluminium Cylinder


Non-reactive gases only 36 months

NRC Regulators

We recommend our Fixed Flow Regulator for this Cylinder. Fixed Flow Regulator

Popular Gas Mixtures

All non-reactive gases such Methane in Air, Hydrogen in Air, Carbon Dioxide in Nitrogen, Ethane in Air, Propane in Air, Iso-Butane in Air, N-Pentane in Air, etc