Products and Services

Calibration Gas Mixtures

AG Gases Ltd supply you with gravimetrically produced ISO 6142 Gas Mixtures and High Purity Gases, which come in a wide range of containers from non-refillable cans to high pressure reffillable cylinders.

Our gas mixtures are used precision calibration gas mixtures for use in instrumental analysis and gas detection applications.


AG Gases Ltd are your local supplier of a wide range of gas systems equipement. We are the only supplier of GENTEC® products in the North Africa region.

GENTEC® is an internationally renowned American company who specialise in the manufacture of Gas Equipment, from single and two stage regulators, to automatic change over units, and are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485.


AG Gases Ltd provide a range of services related to gas systems, their design, implementation, and usage.

Our expertise and extensive experience in the Gas Industry means we can provide you with the consultancy you require to get the job done.