Our Services

AG Gases' senior management have much experience in gas handling systems, and work with selected specialised European contractors to give advice and technical consultancy for many different gas and liquid applications.

What We Can Supply

Aside from our excellent quality gas mixtures and equipment, we can supply low or high pressure purifiers for gases which take commonly available industrial grades of gases and purify up to 99.9999 % I 6.0 grade, which can take away the need for expensive imported gases.

We can also supply:
- Stainless steel sample bottles
- Stainless steel piston cylinders
- Calibration gas generators for Hydrogen Sulphide and Chlorine
- Pressure gauges


AGGas installation

Whether it is installing a new laboratory instrument with simple pipe work systems and regulators, or the implementation of a larger industrial scale gas handling application, we can help to design, install, and commission the system for you.

From simple low pressure copper pipe work to high pressure gas handling systems up to 300 bar, whether compression connections or orbital welding, all of these can be done for your specific application.

AG Gases can provide specialist assistance on cryogenic liquid storage systems, and also bulk gas storage systems. Downstream from the bulk liquids and gases we can provide modern high pressure cylinder filling systems for many gases and mixtures.

Our very experienced management team have had many years in high purity gas production up to 99.9999% and also the production of multi-component gas and liquid mixtures.
AG Gases staff and contractors are willing to design, install, and commission industrial gas or speciality gas filling systems for all applications whether small laboratory scale projects or large gas filling plants.

International Agent and Distributor

AGGases Ltd is an international agent and distributor for various well known companies:

Agent for Scientific and Technical Gases

AGgases Ltd is the sole agent of StG products in the North Africa region.
We supply StG's high quality calibration gas products and related equipment.


Agent for Gentec

AGgases Ltd supply a vast range of Gentec equipment to the North Africa Region, covering a wide range of applications.


Distributor of:

- Vacuum Pumps from Edwards
- Ampoules for calibration, from Monicon
- Pure Hydrogen and Nitrogen generators from Peak
- Cylinder valves from Cavagna
- Flow Meters from Roxpur
- Gas handling Hoses from Black